Case Of Azerbaijani Man Who Killed An Armenian, Forwarded To Court.

On December 18, 2019 at around 10:30 p.m., an Armenian man was killed by an Azerbaijani man, his long-time neighbor, after the two got into a dispute over domestic issues, per News.Am.

The Azerbaijani man punched his Armenian neighbor in the face and threw him down to the ground. He then proceeded to take the Armenian’s life with direct intent, the Azeri continuously punched the Armenian’s head and other body parts, beating him to a pulp, the Armenian died from his injuries.

The Armenian man was 41-years-old and a resident of the city of Hrazdan. The Azerbaijani man had been living in Armenia for over 25 years and was close friends and neighbors with the Armenian, he was born in the Republic of Azerbaijan and was of Azeri ethnicity.

The Investigative Committee of Armenia, established several circumstances and the motive of the murder and the person having committed the alleged crime through large-scale investigative and other procedural actions. The Azerbaijani man has been charged with murder. The preliminary investigation is over, and the criminal case has been forwarded to the court.

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