BREAKING NEWS: PM Pashinyan & Wife Self-Isolate, To Get Tested For Coronavirus.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and his family have isolated themselves at their mansion in Sevan. Pashinyan stated that he and his wife will get tested for coronavirus tomorrow.

“We had been worried since yesterday since one of the assistants to the President of Brazil had tested positive for coronavirus, the President has also been tested and is waiting for the response. We learned about this yesterday and decided to isolate ourselves. This evening, on the way to Sevan, we found out that the President of Brazil had tested positive for coronavirus. On March 7, Anna had a meeting with the wife of the President of Brazil, and unfortunately, they hugged each other and took a photo. First, we measured our temperature, but we didn’t have a high temperature. However, later, the news about the President of Brazil testing positive for coronavirus was denied. However, we will remain isolated, and tomorrow morning we will get tested to be sure that everything is fine,” Pashinyan said.

H/T News.Am

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