Passenger Flow Not Enough For Direct Los Angeles & Yerevan Flights.

Chairwoman of the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee Tatevik Revazyan said on Thursday, February 13 that the passenger flow from Armenia is not sufficient for launching direct flights between Yerevan and Los Angeles.

Revazyan said the Armenian side is working with Georgia on the matter.

“One flight a week is not efficient for a carrier, they need at least 2 or 3,” she said, according to

“It’s just that they are interested in New York, while we are focused on Los Angeles.”

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) too has been working to launch direct flights between the United States and Armenia, “an ANCA policy priority that will – in addition to saving travelers time and inconvenience – substantially boost tourism, increase business travel, expand cargo traffic, and strengthen U.S.-Armenia bilateral economic relations.”

H/T PanArmenian

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