The Republic Of Artsakh Sees 46.7% Increase In Tourism In 2019.

Around 42 thousand foreign tourists arrived in Artsakh in 2019, the Minister of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism Lernik Hovhannisyan of the Artsakh Republic told a press conference on Wednesday. The minister informed that the number of the visiting tourists has increased by 46.7% to compare with the number in the indicated period of the previous year.

The hotel infrastructure has grown by 29 amounting to 92 hotel units with total accommodation capacity of 1830. Some 2,254 used Tourist bus service in the republic in the period from June 1 to September 1, while tourism attractions of Artsakh were presented at number of international fairs.

The minister next informed about the ongoing works aimed at preservation of historical-cultural monuments and historical environment. In particular, excavations and research works have been conducted he ancient site of Tigranakert, Berdashen village of Martuni region, Mirik village’s fortress of Qashatagh region. Meanwhile, restoration works are underway in Gohar Agha Upper Mosque in Shushi, Tsaghkavanq church in Tsakur village and number of other architectural and religious landmarks in the country.

H/T Panorama

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