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Azeri Troops & Terrorist Units Continue Offensives, Fail In Capturing Artsakh’s Berdzor (Lachin Corridor.)

Today, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, as well as the terrorist groups supporting and fighting with them, special subdivisions continued their various...

BREAKING: Joe Biden Calls For U.S. To “Stop The Advance Of Azeri Troops” Into Artsakh & End “Flow Of Military Equipment To Azerbaijan.”

As Zartonk Media was informed from the press service of Joe Biden, the statement runs as follows, NAGORNO-KARABAKH –...

Azerbaijan Strikes Artsakh’s Shushi With “Smerch” Missiles, Killing A Civilian, Injuring Two Others.

Today, Azerbaijani Armed Forces struck Shushi’s civilian areas with “Smerch” multiple rocket launchers, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter. There...

Turkish F-16 Jets Strike Stepanakert’s Children’s Hospital With Heavy Missiles, Mass Destruction Reported.

Today, Azerbaijani Armed Forces targeted Stepanakert’s Maternity Hospital, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter. The adversary also targeted other civilian...

59 Armenians Killed Defending The Homeland, Totaling 1,065.

Today, 59 Armenian servicemen were killed defending Armenia & Artsakh, total 1,065, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense.