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Artsakh’s Defense Minister Jalal Harutyunyan Released From Post After Sustaining Injuries In Battle.

According to  President of Artsakh’s decree, L. Gen Jalal Harutyunyan was released from the post of MoD-Commander of the Defense Army, due...

Azeris Continue Shelling Artsakh’s Martuni, Martakert & Askeran.

Relatively stable tensed situation remained unchanged overnight. Artillery fighting continued in some areas. Azerbaijan’s Air Forces used drones; some of them hit...

BREAKING: Armenian Youth Federation Begins Hunger Strike In Los Angeles To Bring Attention To Artsakh War.

Today, the Armenian Youth Federation Western Region began a hunger strike in-front of the Federal Building in Los Angeles to call attention...

Anna Hakobyan & A Detachment Of 13 Females Will Join Armenian Army To Defend The Homeland.

Beginning tomorrow, a detachment of 13 females, including myself, will begin military training exercises. In a few days we will depart to...

Azerbaijan Strikes Artsakh’s Civilian Settlements In Askeran Killing A Civilian, Wounding Two Others.

Violating the ceasefire, Azerbaijan is striking the civilian settlements of Artsakh. As a result of a missile strike on the Avetaranots village...