What does Zartonk mean?

Zartonk (Armenian: Զարթօնք meaning awakening, renaissance, rebirth, enlightenment) refers to the critical period in the late nineteenth century inspired by the literary works of Armenian writers across the world that initiated and propagated a national renaissance within the Armenian nation. This period elevated the national consciousness of not just the Armenian intelligentsia and literati, but also spread to the psyches of Armenians from all walks of life. Armenian political thought of the past 150 years can be traced back to the Zartonk period.

Do you have any affiliations?

Zartonk Media has no affiliation with any political party or state. All ideas are our own and any overlaps are coincidental and unintentional. All roads lead to Rome (or Historic Armenia).

Can I write for Zartonk Media?

Of course…We are currently accepting Armenian and English language submissions.

Can we advertise on your website/broadcasts?

Yes. However, regardless of advertisement amounts and donations we remain faithful to the notion that we are an independent news outlet; and thus, we are independent of any ideology, political affiliation, individual, etc.